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Technical Info | The Great % Wars
The Great % Wars

For years, zinc-rich paint manufacturers have battled for marketshare by attempting to have the highest zinc content in their product. Afterall, the more zinc the better, right? This is not necessarily the case.

The fact is that the more zinc a paint product contains, the fewer adhesives it contains to hold that zinc protection in place for the long-term. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) recognized this by changing their specification for repair of damaged and uncoated areas of hot-dip galvanized coatings from 94% metallic zinc to 65% (ASTM A 780-93) in 1993. The reason being that, lacking the proper adhesives, zinc-rich paint tends to peel with time. Without an epoxy-based topcoat, there is simply not enough binders to hold the 90% or greater zinc-rich paint to the substrate long-term. In addition, there has been a historical industry-wide problem with clogging of cans with zinc of 90% or better because of the lack of epoxy inherent in these products.

This is where Brite Zinc® gives you the edge. Brite Products has developed the perfect balance of zinc dust and adhesives, Brite Zinc®. At Brite, we call this the "balanced method."

Brite Zinc® is a 70% zinc-rich coating that contains the proper amount of adhesives, to give you the best performance availableas a stand-alone system.

While meeting the industry standard for testing methods (ASTM A 780-93), Brite Zinc® is the only zinc-rich coating that:

  • Best matches the look of Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Meets the ASTM industry standard for the repair of hot dip galvanizing
  • Provides the perfect blend of zinc and epoxy adhesives

For more information on the level of zinc required in zinc-rich paints, see the results of a 12-year study conducted by theInternational Lead Zinc Research Organizatoin (ILZRO).