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Can the treated steel (with Brite Zinc) be placed in the oven to make the coating a little harder?

Yes, after applying Brite Zinc and allowing sufficient drying time, the material can be heat treated like a powder coat, however be cautious not to get material too hot.

How much coverage can I expect from a can of Brite Zinc?

A 12.5oz can of Brite Zinc will cover 40 square ft at 1 mil.

Is Brite Zinc good on base metal?

Brite Zinc is excellent on bare metal, creating a zinc rich coating that will last for years longer than any paint, while leaving a bright, shiny surface.

How much coverage per gallon can of BritenZinc? At what thickness?

A one gallon can of Brite Zinc will cover 570 sq ft 1 mil thickness.

Can Brite be used on aluminum?


What is the application temperature for Brite Zinc?

Please see Tech Info for more information.

Can metal treated with Brite Zinc be top coated with polyurethanes?

Yes, Brite Zinc may be top coated with acrylic, epoxy, or chlorinated rubber-type P.


Where can we buy the Brite products?

Brite Products can be purchased at major welding supply stores, Fence supply stores, and directly online at For information on a specific retailer near you, please call 888-992-7483, or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Will you offer a special price for Brite to wholesaler/distributor?

Any wholesaler/distributor inquiries can be made directly to David Dirnberger at

Standards & Specs

Does Brite Zinc meet the ASTM Designation: A 780-00?


Is Brite Zinc FDA approved?

No, the FDA has ceased approving coating of any kind. Brite Zinc is safe in areas of food preparation and handling.


What makes the Brite Zinc stick to the metal?

Brite Zinc is formulated with a special blend of epoxy resins and binders.