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Why Brite?

For fabricators and contractors who are looking for simple and smart solutions for the long-term repair and protection of metal from corrosion that reduces reworking and total cost of ownership, Brite Zinc and 1st Zinc are the answer. Unlike common zinc-rich coating products, we have over 60 years experience of fielded and proven high-quality solutions to fabricate and protect metal through both our Brite Products product line as well as through our parent company’s Weld-Aid line of welding solutions. Providing high-quality, innovative, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solutions for protecting metal during fabrication and over the long haul in the field has been and always will be our #1 priority. That’s the Brite Difference!

Feature Advantage Benefit
High Quality Contains required amount of Zinc to provide long-term cathodic protection
Provides ability to pass ASTM A780 and other required standards for repair of hot-dip or cold galvanizing
Appearance Brite Zinc matches look of hot-dip while also providing long-term galvanic protection
Completed job has high-quality look with seamless galvanizing protection throughout joint areas
Ease of Use, Ready to use in spray can or bulk paint packaging Allows for on-site field repair of hot-dip damaged during the fabrication or installation process
Speed and Flexibility
Two products available based upon application need:
  • 1st Zinc as a zinc-rich base-coat primer for a top-coat paint (including Brite Zinc) or as a weld-through primer
  • Brite Zinc as a stand-alone paint for hot-dip applications or as a zinc-rich top-coat for duplex systems
Enables for one-stop shopping for best-in-class zinc-rich coating solutions for standalone and duplex systems
Superior Customer Service 24-hour technical support, website support, and same-day shipping Provides timely answers and product to avoid project delays
Brite Products strives to introduce new products and accessories to aid its end user in doing their job including:
  • The new “Brite Zinc Touch-up Pen” that allows for quick, easy, and precise repair of small scratches or damaged areas
  • The new “Galvanizers Marking Pen” which allows galvanizers and welders to effectively mark metal prior to and during fabrication
Enables for one-stop shopping for best-in-class products to do “whole job” with speed and quality from a manufacturer with technical and industry experience
Reduced Cost of Ownership
Use of Brite Zinc and 1st Zinc provides continuous galvanic protection – even in welded and joined areas
Equals lower lifetime cost for galvanized system vs. painted steel (see AGA’s Life-Cycle Cost Calculator)
Experience and Support Brite has been a market leader in zinc-rich coatings for 20 years and its parent company, Weld-Aid products, a market leader in welding anti-spatter for 60 years Provides assurance of product quality and long-term support by company