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Technical Info | MIL Specs for Zinc-Rich Primers
MIL Specs for Zinc-Rich Primers

Brite Zinc coatings meet and exceed the performance requirements of the following MIL specs:

MIL-P-46105 (MR) Primer Coating, Weld-Through, Zinc-Rich

One type of ready-mixed, single-package, epoxy-based, zinc-rich primer for use on ferrous metal surfaces prior to spot welding. Key performance requirements include: Epoxy Resin Content: Positive

Flash Point: Not under 80 deg. F

Air Drying: Set to touch within 10 minutes

Dry Hard: Within 20 minutes

Baking at 250 deg. F: Dry through within 60 mins.

Condition in Container: Mix to smooth homogenous state

Storage Stability: 6 months

Spraying Properties: Satisfactorily

Flexibility: Pass 1/8-inch mandrel

Adhesion: Pass tape test

Welding Characteristics: Satisfactory resistance

Water Resistance: No rusting, blistering, or softening after 250 hours immersion

Salt-Spray Resistance: 250 hours, show no more than slight rusting, not over 5 scattered blisters 1 mm in diameter MIL-P-26915B Primer Coating, Zinc Dust Pigmented for Steel Surfaces

A zinc dust primer for use on steel surfaces, be compatible with aliphatic polyurethane and enamel topcoats MIL-C-83286, suitable for use under air pollution regulations. Type I air-dry cure, Class A- Ready mixed single-package. Key performance requirements include: Water Content: Not over 0.25%

Coarse particles: Not over 0.5% of pigment

Mixing: Easily mixed by hand to form homogenous mass

Settling: None after 5 days of standing undisturbed

Aging: C1.B primer be equal to unaged material as tested

Compatibility with thinner: 1:1 with mineral spirits TT-T-291, or 1 part of TT-T-548 toluene to 4 parts primer

Storage Stability: one year at 80-100 deg. F, meeting all spec requirements

Applications: Spraying over cleaned and treated steel, at least 2.0 mils film thickness in one cross coat application

Drying: Dust free within 20 minutes, dry through in one hour

Flexibility: Pass 1/4 inch mandrel

Lifting: No lifting between topcoat and primer

Adhesion: Pass wet tape test

Resistance Properties: (water, hydrocarbon, synthetic fluid, humidity, accel. weathering, salt spray, heat, corrosion) see full spec.

Material Safety Data Sheet: Submitted to qualifying agency